Experiencing Hong Kong

Subtle hills fade behind
Towering, concrete skyline
At night, a myriad of lights,
And colourful reflections
By day, a sea of moving
People rushing to efficient
Transport, crowded MTR,
Speeding buses racing by
Only the old tram provides
A more leisurely view.

Welcome to year of the Dog
Eleventh in the zodiac.
Music on an endless loop
Reminds of New Year cheer
While Lion Dances in the street
Amuse old and young alike
Good luck, good fortune
Shared in bright, red packets
Or the throwing of oranges
At the old Wishing Tree.

Summed up in one word, ‘food’
You need never go hungry here
Providing you have money in
Your purse, more for high end
Shopping malls, mini cities
Sating consumer desires, go
Off track for local dishes in
Myriad bowls, while feasting
The eye at corner bakeries full
Of craft, and every type of bun.

So many people in one city,
Haven sought in local parks
Where early morning finds
Elders gathered for Tai Chi
Or later share some karaoke.
Peace and calm found in the
Beautiful landscaped Nan Lian
Full of soothing rocks and trees
A harmony of elements, another
Feast behind the waterfall!


Photos and words by HB

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