Transition to Winter

It’s hard to believe that just over three weeks ago, we set off for a hike on a pleasant, late autumnal day. As we drove to the start point, the trees on the hillside were ablaze in the morning sunshine. A vista of russet and gold, quite a spectacle! Today, with a morning temperature of minus five degrees Celsius, I imagine a beauty of a different kind; of black and white silhouettes, the leaves dropped and branches weighed down by snow.

Yesterday, we donned our boots and tramped through the snow to Chasewater country park. It was worth the trip, the surrounding woodland reflecting lots of light from the snow, and looking very picturesque! There is a reservoir there, originally designed as a feeder for Birmingham canals, but also home to a variety of waterbirds. In the freezing temperatures, the canal (Anglesey branch of the Wyrley & Essington) on the other side of the reservoir had frozen over!

Last month I took some photos of the area, and yesterday decided to try and replicate some of the shots, to capture the changing seasons. You can see the difference a few weeks makes!

autumn chasewater 1.JPG

tunnel 1.JPG


autumn chasewater 2.JPG



autumn chasewater 3.JPG

canalside 3.JPG


With the canal frozen over, some of the swans were resting on the snow encrusted bank. The first one, almost camouflaged!

swan 2.JPG

swans 1.JPG

We are fortunate to live close by to such a beautiful space!

Photos: Chasewater country park 11/12/17 HB

23 Replies to “Transition to Winter”

  1. Wonderful record of transformation! The white swans look so gorgeous in the snow and you’ve captured them beautifully. They always look super special to me because we have loads of black swans here (wild) but its rare to see white swans (and when you do they’re not wild, they’re part of someone’s garden/pond landscape).

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    1. I’m thinking about doing a Christmas post on Sunday using some of the lovely snowy images I’ve been finding lately… so if I do, may I include your photo of the two swans? Oh, and if thats ok how would you like the credit to read – HB or full name?


  2. Thank you for your feedback! Yes, just the other side of the canal there is Chasewater reservoir which is home to quite a large swan colony, as well as a variety of ducks, & my favourite, the great crested grebes!


  3. This is such a beautiful post. You truly captured a rare gem-wow! The white swans against the white snow background create such a perfect unity.


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